“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” Thomas Berger

Magic Words to Close more Sales or Negotiations

All “True Professional Closers” (TPC) will tell you that the secret to closing sales is in getting your prospect to disclose to you whether or not they are going to be a sale and getting them to tell you what you must do or say to close the deal. The reason this is key is because only your prospect knows what it will take for them to buy your product or solution, or even if they have the authority, budget, or if they are in the mood, if they like you, if they need it enough, and many other reasons. Again, only they know what it will take for you to get their business. This is the great secret all TPCs understand and utilize.

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” Thomas Berger

Unfortunately, 80 to 90% of sales reps don’t understand this. Because of this, they continue to pitch at prospects, push their material onto them and then hound and beg them to do business with them. This is why most people don’t enter the sales profession and why most prospects dislike sales professionals. If you find yourself (or the majority of your sales team) in this position, then I’m going to share three words with you that will get your prospect to reveal their true buying motives (and why they might not be buying from you as well.)

“I have learned that trying to guess what the boss or the client wants is the most debilitating of all influences in the creation of good advertising.” Leo Burnett

Because the key to closing sales is to get your prospect to disclose what is in the thoughts and what it’s going to take to close the deal, you’ve obviously have to create logical questions to have them tell you what they ae thinking and start talking. Today I’m going to share with you three simple words you can use to get and keep your prospects talking. These are also excellent for negotiations with families as well.

Here it is: Whenever your prospect begins stalling or any other excuse for not acting today, you simply reply:

“What happens next?”

Now before 80% of you dismiss this – while the other 20% nod your head with wisdom – try it and hit your mute button. You’ll discover more in what they say next than you would if you just kept talking and pitching, offering deals and discounts.

“In terms of asking questions, I plead guilty. I ask a lot of questions. That’s my job.” Paul Tiberian

Here are suggestions to say when following up on what they might disclose to you:

  • “How does that process work?”
  • “How involved in that are you?”
  • “What would you like to see happen here?”
  • “If you had to move on something today, what would you do?”
  • “Out of everything you’ve seen from other companies, what do you think?”
  • “What’s the one thing you can see that is standing in the way?”

I promise that if you ask all or some of these questions to a prospect, and by the way, if you didn’t understand, you ask these questions to create engagement of conversation from your prospect – and if you truly listen to what they tell you – you’ll know whether or not they are going to close the deal.

“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.”  Peter Drucker

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