Motivation is at the heart of the performance of a sales team. Without the proper motivation, you won’t acquire the same results. Oneness Consulting inspires individuals to improve their abilities as sales professionals through motivation and inspiration. Motivation comes in many different forms, good and bad. For example, if you tell an employee, “If you don’t accomplish this you’re fired,” that is a bad form of motivation. Many sales managers or even corporate sized operations will use money as a motivating factor. Money can be a motivating factor but it’s not as effective as inspiration. Being inspired is when you take action inside. The word inspired is derived from two words, in and spirit. Being inspired is different; it’s something inside of you that says I need to accomplish this for myself. You say to yourself, “I want to do this,” and it comes from deep within.

“Motivation is the ability to make someone feel truly inspired to accomplish more.”

 You either motivate someone or they are inspired inside, there is a difference between the two. When you motivate someone you bring out the realities about what they can truly achieve, but only if the individual desires to put forth the effort, energy, and studying required. When you explain to someone that they can make more money and have a happier life, you’re motivating them. A good motivation talk inspires people to maximize their work level and the feeling to accomplishment and do more. Being properly motivated and inspired within is an extremely powerful tool that can help improve and individual’s life. Oneness Consulting is committed to helping others achieve success along with a happier life. Call today to speak with one of our experienced sales consultants.