Oneness Consulting is made up of sales consultants with over a century of sales experience.  Because of our vast knowledge and experience in sales, we take a different approach than most sales consultants. We will intimately interact with your sales team in order to understand and identify the type of team you have. Once we have identified whom we’re working with, we’ll closely work hand and hand with your company on how to improve the attitude and change the mindset of your sales force. We do this by analyzing your current company mindset and work together to establish a common goal among the entire organization. Each individual contributes to the goal in a collaborated effort.

Oneness training courses provide proven sales techniques to help establish a successful sales environment.  We are committed to accelerating sales growth, improving results of sales teams and individuals.  An increased pipeline, closing ratio, and higher sales volume are just the beginning of the Oneness sales training process. We are dedicated to helping your team become better individuals that will contribute to a more positive atmosphere where success is just a byproduct of the positive attitude and balanced mindset.

There are three things about someone’s life that all indirectly affect one another, their personal life, work life, and home life. For the average individual these parts of life are unbalanced or completely separate. To have oneness is to have balance in your life, balancing family, work, and personal activities. What happens many times is that a person will take their work into everything they do or the person will not work and allow their home life to consume everything. That is where disaster comes in and they harm themselves.

What Oneness Consulting teaches is to removes ones ego and also intermingle those three separate parts of your life into a balanced lifestyle. We need to concentrate on work when we’re at work, when we’re with family we do the same.  As long as all of these parts of your life are equally within each other, your life is balanced. That’s when true happiness sets in, and that is when you’ll have a better employee. Learn more about our team management training by contacting us today.