Public Speaking

Oneness Consulting offers public speaking training to help mold a more confident salesperson. Public speaking has many different benefits for a salesperson’s performance. The ability to influence an audience with authenticity is extremely valuable for rapid sales growth.  Public speaking not only helps you become a better salesmen but also increases your chance to gain recognition from upper management, opening the doors for opportunities to work on bigger sales projects.

We teach the key components that make up successful public speakers, some of which may include: speech, conversation, listener persuasion, and presentations. All of these are crucial for developing an effective public speaking presence.  It’s important to ensure that your audience is engaged in what you have to say, not simply your presentation. When you perform a public presentation you need to properly convey your ideas with passion, making sure to reach your audience with a purpose. Oneness Consulting teaches you to hone your skills for conveying persuasive ideas, thoughts, and information.

We will use our knowledge and experience to help you motivate your audience through effective public speaking techniques. Whether your speaking publicly, to a team, meeting with a client, or performing a staff meeting, public speaking skills will help you to acquire the confidence and skills needed to get your point across with power. The ability to control audience’s emotions is a powerful tool that can exponentially increase a salesperson’s growth and opportunity.  We not only help you obtain the essential skills but will teach you when and how to use these skills effectively. Oneness is about making a stronger, happier, individual and public speaking is no doubt a helpful path to reaching that destination. Contact us today to learn more about our public speaking training.